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(Questa pagina anche in italiano qui: Lista_della_spesa)

This is a list of items we need to build our Museum, the Electronic Lab, the Biblioteque, the Media Library, the Deposit, the Exibithion and all the place; anyone can contribute by donating something! If they are used items, that's better, because this reflect our spirit of "recycling" goods. Also, some items can only found used (e.g. the EPROM programmer for old eproms, that we really need a lot to fix old computers!)

This page is a work in progress; if you have any idea, or you want to donate some item that you think we need o can use, please feel free to contribute or ask via email to museum(at)freaknet(dot)org! :)


General stuff

  • LED / Low power lamps
  • LCD Monitors (we need about 4 of them)


It's a little space, not a real kitchen but a sort of tea space, and also the "office"... we want to use it as a relax space, to make a coffe, a little dinner for some of us that will spent night & day fixing old computers :D With a similar little kitchen we can save money and cook something here instead of purchasing expensive food outside.

  • Italian Coffee machines "Italian Coffee"
  • Cutlery
  • Pots, glasses, cups...
  • Wall cabinet for kitchen

Biblioteque / Media Room

  • BOOKS: Electronics, Computer Science, Manuals, electronic / computing related old magazines...
  • 500G/1Terabyte or so, as external Hard Disks for backup purposes
  • Any kind of weird media reader!
  • A3 Scanner, for scanning schematics and stuff
  • ADF Scanner, for scanning books
  • 360K 5"1/4 Floppy Disk Drives: we need them to restore some ancient CP/M machines ;) (The 1.2Mb can't be used for that!)

Electronic lab

  • 20 MHz dual track OSCILLOSCOPE: our is broken! :(
  • We REALLY NEED an EPROM PROGRAMMER able to READ OLD 2708 EPROMS (and older, maybe!). This is a great problem because we have systems here that need to be saved and having a copy of those EPROM will be very useful for other collectors and museums. So, any OLD programmer able to program or read a 2708 (maybe an used one!) will be great! :)
  • Electronic components of any type! TTL, CMOS, resistors, capacitors...
  • Every kind of instrumentation!!!
  • >=20 MHz dual track oscilloscope
  • Testers, meters etc.
  • Frequency counter
  • Logic Probes
  • Soldering station (AOYUE? or similar)
  • Desoldering station
  • Any kind of tool! Lineman's pliers, screwdrivers, wrench, hex key (Alley wrench), pincer tool, diagonal pliers, etc...
  • Table Vise! Not too big, just to held stuff while working at it...
  • Do you know that sort of "robot" with little clips and a magnify lens, used to held stuff together while soldering at it? ;)
  • Desoldering station (those with electric suction pump, I do not know if you have any)
  • 60/40 soldering LEAD with REAL LEAD inside! We HATE the RoHS shit! Or Sn / Ag soldering lead.
  • Solvents: Acetone, Nitro Thinner, Trichlorethylene, Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol (cleaning disk heads), etc..
  • Solder pastes (zinc chloride), Soldering Flux...


  • '70-'80 tables
  • Video projector


  • LED lamps
  • Shelves

This list has to be expanded!

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