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  • Produttore: SAGA Sistemi Informativi, TORINO
  • Paese: Italia
  • Anno: 1980
  • Numero di serie: N/D
  • CPU: 2 Z80 CPU (1 for system, 1 for disk)
  • Memoria: --
  • Sistema Operativo: CP/M
  • Provenienza: Trash, at "Isola Ecologica"
  • Condizioni: Being restored!
  • Parti mancanti: Nessuna
  • Collocazione: Poetry Hacklab
  • N.Inventario:
Altre informazioni:


This computer came from a chicken farm, or a sort of it. You can see stunning pictures of his recovery and restoration here:

Starting condition of this piece were really bad. This is an example about how computers can be restored :)

He worked well for some years, before presenting a weird video problem, followed by a power supply problem.

We fixed the video buffer problem: one of the two 80 bit static shift register for video rom was burned (AM2847PC) and now we're waiting for the spare part to change. We also found a copy of a precious "FOX OS", a CP/M disk that fit perfectly this system! We think we're the only Museum in Europe to have such an operating system for this machine (note: other CP/M disks are not compatible with this computer!)

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