Commodore PET 4032

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Commodore PET 4032



  • Produttore: Commodore
  • Paese: USA
  • Anno: 1979
  • Numero di serie: WG 8510
  • CPU: MOS 6502 a 1MHz
  • Memoria: 32KB
  • Sistema Operativo: Embedded BASIC 4.0
  • Provenienza: Flea Market, Catania
  • Condizioni: Funzionante
  • Parti mancanti: Front label is white; probably wiped out by cleaning.
  • Risorse Online: [[1]]
  • Collocazione: Museum
  • N.Inventario:
Altre informazioni: Fixed!


Thanks to Alessandro Polito, we managed to change the faulty keyboard with a new one, and now this computer is perfectly working. It never had any kind of problem in those years, being a very robust computer.

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The old keyboard had a Coca Cola drink, so we need a though cleaning. But this never fixed it; se had to change the entire keyboard.


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