Commodore CBM 8296

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Commodore CBM 8296


Commodore CBM 8296


  • Produttore: Commodore Business Machines
  • Paese: USA
  • Anno: 1979
  • Numero di serie: WG2717
  • CPU: 6502
  • Memoria: 128K
  • Sistema Operativo: Commodore Basic 4.0
  • Provenienza: Donation
  • Condizioni: Good
  • Parti mancanti: 8023 Tractor Printer, 8040 Dual Disk Drive
  • Collocazione: Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante
  • N.Inventario: 217
Altre informazioni: Fixed a PLA ROM problem :)


This computer was a donation we received the 18-Jan-2008 from XXXXXXXXXXXX, complete with a Commodore 8023 Tractor Printer and an external Dual Disk Drive 8050LP. It had also an external hardware key connected to the user port.

It worked very well for some days, but after a while it gave us weird problems; the "chirp" sound was slow more and more, and suddendly stopped working. From January 2008 it was so stored in our deposit; only in February 2012 we started working on it.

After some tests, we noticed the UA5 PLA CHIP (a system ROM) very hot. This seem to be a very common problem in 8296 computers. We can fix the problem installing a 27C512 EPROM in an adaptor socket, wired as described in one of the links below.


Altre foto da aggiungere...


Da aggiungere: immagini delle ROM, schemi elettrici etc.

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